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Taraweeh Prayers

Due to the outbreak of COVID-9 ISWV will be celebrating RAMADAN online

Taraweeh Prayers

every night

at HAMAKOM (Temple Aliyah) ADDRESS
6025 Valley Circle Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Directions to HAMAKOM

Zakat al-Fitr

This Ramadan, Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is collaborating with local charities to distribute zakat al fitr to low income families in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Donate your zakat al fitr early this year to help us ensure that every family has received their zakat al fitr to enjoy and prepare Eid.

Ramadan Nights

Featured Nightly Program

Qu'ran Recitation
with Qari

Nightly Qu’ranic Recitation and Du'a

The Story Behind the Verse

Nightly Qu’ranic Reminders
15 minute talks every night

Community Check-In

Additional Ramadan Programs

Children, Youth and Community Services


Stronger Hearts


  • Interactive sessions
  • A holistic approach
  • Fun activities
  • Deeper understanding

Youth Group Sundays @ 12:00 PM

Social Thursdays @ 9:00 PM


Discussions (Brothers)Saturdays @ 9:00 PM


Discussions (Sisters) Saturdays @ 7:00 PM



Story Time

Ramadan Story Time

A children’s Ramadan enrichment program

Weekly Sunday sessions from 12pm - 1pm age groups (4-13)

Ramadan Story Time is an in person program divided into three sessions based on the following ages:

  • Group 1 - Ages 4-6 years
  • Group 2 - Ages 7-9 years
  • Group 3 - Ages 10-13 years
Children will participate in Quran recitation, discusssion of Islamic values (Patience- Generosity-Forgiveness- Mercy/Kindness) through story telling, and hands on activities.

*Social distancing and safety guidlines will be followed.
NO registration required.


Ages 4-6 years @ 10:00 AM



Ages 7-9 years @ 11:00 AM



Ages 10-13 years @ 12:00 PM




Qu'ran Day

”Recite what is easy for you of the Quran” Surat Al-Muzzammil (73:20)

Join your community in reading the Qu'ran or reciting from memory.

NO age limit, children and adults are all encourage to join us.

Community Talk Show

Community Talk Show

Hosted by Ust. Lobna Mulla w/ Live Q&A

Join special guest speakers every Saturday night at 9 pm

Friday Reminders

Friday Reminders

Join Sh. Suhail Mulla fridays at 1pm Live broadcast.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Why are we doing a “Virtual Ramadan Program”

Unfortunately, due the Covid-19 pandemic, it appears very unlikely that ISWV will open its doors this Ramadan. If social distancing requirements are relaxed at some point during the month, we will consider what is in the best interest of our community, with the health and safety of our community members being our primary considerations.

Having said that, ISWV would still like to do its utmost in providing meaningful programming to all members of our community during the blessed month of Ramadan.  Although we won’t be able to gather in person, we have planned some creative means for us to come together as a community virtually. We have numerous sessions that will be provided to our community on a daily and nightly basis this Ramadan.

Q. How do I pray Salaat-ul-Tarawih at home?

Salaat-ul-Tarawih can be prayed individually or as a group.  You can read from memory or by reading with the aid of a Mushaf (text of the Qur’an).   It is not necessary to complete the whole Qur’an during Ramadan in Tarawih prayer.  Tarawih prayer may be any number of rak’ahs, but preferably 8 or 20.

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Q. Can I pray Salaat-ul-Tarawih at home while following someone virtually online?

For the prayer to be valid, one must be in physical proximity to the imam and the congregation that he is leading.  Therefore, for this reason and others, it is not permissible to “virtually” follow an imam in the Tarawih prayer.

Q. Is it permissible for a healthy person who lacks a valid excuse that would warrant them to break their fast in the days of Ramadan, to not fast Ramadan this year so they can drink plenty of water in order to protect themselves from COVID-19?

It is mandatory for the sound, healthy individual to fast the month of Ramadan, and the fear of possibly contracting the coronavirus is not a valid excuse that would warrant someone a concession to break his/her fast.

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Q. Is there a need to donate to the masjid this Ramadan?

Absolutely!  Even though the masjid doors are closed, there are still significant costs that ISWV is incurring - including staffing costs, mortgage payments, etc.  Because we are not able to offer any services on-site, donations have decreased. Therefore, we would ask the community to continue to support the masjid as they always have.

Q. Can I give my Zakat to the masjid?

Yes, you may. 100% of Zakat funds collected go directly to local families in need. Zakat funds are not utilized for any other masjid expenses. As you know, there are greater financial needs now due to increased unemployment. So please help us to help support local families in need.

Ask the Shaykh

with Resident Scholar Sh. Suhail Mulla
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