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Serving the needs of our community

5 Daily Prayers

During the time for the five obligatory prayers, the masjid is open 15 minutes prior and closes 15 minutes after the prayer is finished.

Jumu’ah Prayer

ISWV conducts Jumu’ah (Friday) prayer, at the Knights of Columbus Hall with diverse list of Khateebs (Speakers) who are inspiring and uplifting.

Education Services

ISWV offers a variety of educational opportunities for the community.

Religious Counseling

Religious Counseling with Resident Scholar Sh. Suhail Mulla.

Marriage & Divorce

ISWV provides the religiously required rituals and paperwork to conduct an Islamic marriage and other services including pre-marital consultation, nikkah and divorce


We are dedicated to serving the under previliged by collecting and distributing funds and other essientials for families

Educational Services

ISWV offers a variety of educational opportunities for the community.

Sunday School

ISWV Sunday School Program for children ages 4-13 will focus on Islamic Studies and Quran recitation and memorization. This program will give children the opportunity to begin developing themselves and their Muslim identity through basic knowledge while creating a strong bond with the masjid and community.

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Quran Institute

The Quran Institutes mission is to produce a community of people attached to Allah through the Quran. We envision a commuImplementation of Quranic principles nity that is dedicated to the reading and memorizing of Quran for the sole purpose of pleasing Allah (swt) and gaining His reward.

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Youth Group

ISWV's Youth Group program strives to create an environment conducive to Islamic learning, character development, and leadership. The curriculum is designed to develop American personalities that are proud of their Muslim identity, but at the same time understand their society and know their responsibilities as citizens. Through lectures, discussions, projects, field trips, and camps the participants will gain a balanced understanding of Islam and the opportunity to make life long friendships.

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Jumu’ah (Friday) Prayers

ISWV conducts Jumu’ah (Friday) prayer at the
Knights of Columbus Hall
21433 Strathern St, Canoga Park, CA 91304
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Community programs

  • Friday Family Night
  • Monthly Spiritual Night
  • Tea Time (Circle of Elders)
  • Book Club (for Young Professionals)
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