Sunday School Goals

Sunday School lays the foundation to cultivate a comprehensive Muslim American identity. We aspire to instill God consciousness and to provide an environment that nurtures the love and confidence of being a Muslim. In addition to Islamic literacy, students will learn and practice important Islamic values and manners. Our hope is that students graduate from our program empowered to become balanced practicing Muslims.

What is the structure of Sunday School Class?

Our Sunday school is structured into four levels –
Level 1 (6-7), Level 2 (8-9), Level 3 (10-11), Level 4 (12-13) – and each level will last approximately two years. Students will have Islamic studies and Qur’an sessions.

What curriculum will be used?

Our goals for the Sunday school go beyond just learning fact-based knowledge. Instead, we look at curriculum as a process. In addition to using specific textbooks as a reference, we supplement our lessons to put an emphasis on skills, attitudes, and values. We will be using I love Islam, It’s All about Islam, and A Student’s First Guide to Juz ‘Amma as a reference; we will also be using ISWV created material.

Why are there two years for each level?

Due to the fact that students only meet on Sundays for approximately 28 sessions a year, more time is required to master the curriculum.

How will you know if my child mastered the content?

We are going to be implementing a flashcard system that is based on each child’s needs. Each child will be given a set of differentiated flashcards that have all the needed information to help the student and his/her parents work at home; it includes a QR code to help non-arab speakers. We will also have various types of assessments. The assessments are not used to evaluate the child, rather, they are used as tools to help the child and teacher improve future learning outcomes. Please go to an orientation session to better understand the logistics.

Why are the classroom sizes small?

Classroom sizes range between 13 to 15 students per class. We want to create a space that is conducive to giving each student specialized attention. Our goal is to have a teacher and an assistant in each classroom allowing for a low student-teacher ratio; we believe in the power of a differentiated classroom, giving an opportunity for each child to excel.

Are parent orientation sessions mandatory?

Yes, parent orientation sessions are mandatory. Helping the child requires a partnership between the school and home. The orientation session will have valuable information to help parents understand what they can do with the child at home to help get the most out of the Sunday school experience.

What if I can’t afford the program?

We provide financial aid to qualified individuals. Please ask for the financial aid application.

How can I Help?

If you or anyone you know can afford to sponsor tuition fees for families in need, please speak to our team. We have a running list of materials that we need for the school. Please let us know if you are able to donate to the program. Parents will be notified when we need volunteers for trips and special activities.

What are the tuition and fees?

There is a $50 yearly registration fee, and $250 semester fee for each child. There is a 20% discount for families with multiple children attending the Sunday school; the fee covers students’ supplies, snacks, and project materials. Parents will be notified in advance if other fees are required.

Who can I contact if I have questions and comments?

Please feel free to contact us at