Program Mission:

The Quran Institutes mission is to produce a community of people attached to Allah through the Quran. We envision a commuImplementation of Quranic principles nity that is dedicated to the reading and memorizing of Quran for the sole purpose of pleasing Allah (swt) and gaining His reward.
Through the Quran Institute, we strive to develop Quranic Literacy throughout the community as described below:
  • Correct pronunciation of Arabic letters/words within Quran as they were revealed to the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
  • Memorization within one’s ability.
  • Attainment of fundamental knowledge, specifically related to the history of Quran.
  • Implementation of Quranic principles in one’s life.

Institution Objectives:

  • Produce reciters of Quran from all ages and from both genders.
  • Empower individuals to develop their abilities in Arabic grammar related to Quranic text.
  • Engender certified Qari’s (reciters of Quran) who will have Ijaza (ability to teach the rules of reading Quran as was revealed to the Prophet Mohammad pbuh).
  • Develop a group of Huffath (memorizers of Quran).

Youth Programs

Spring 2020 Schedule

Week Schedule
Week 1: January 28th & 30th First Week of Spring 2020
Week 2: Feb 4th & 6th In Session
Week 3: Feb 11th & 13th In Session
Week 4: Feb 18th & 20th In Session
Week 5: Feb 25th & 27th In Session
Week 6: March 3rd & 5th In Session
Week 7: March 10th & 12th In Session
Week 8: March 17th & 19th In Session
Week 9: March 24th & 26th In Session
Week 10: March 31st & April 2nd In Session
Week 11: April 7th & 9th In Session
Week 12: April 14th & 16th Last Week of Spring 2020


What is the structure of ISWV’s Quran Institute?

The Quran Institute is structured into 4 levels-
Level 1: Individuals who do not know how to read and those who have weak reading skills.
Level 2: Individuals who have the ability to read and write Arabic. This level will be further divided into 2 sublevels
2a. Those who need to work on improving their reading and writing and who have no knowledge of basic rules of tajweed
2b. Those who have basic knowledge of the rules of Tajweed but need to learn the Sifaat & Makharij (attributes & outlets) of Arabic alphabets.
Level 3: Individuals will focus on strengthening their reading and writing ability through implementing all rules of tajweed.
Level 4: Individuals will work toward acquiring Ijaza (certification to have the ability to teach the rules of reading Quran as was revealed to the Prophet Mohammad pbuh).

What curriculum will be used?

Our goals for the Quran Institute go beyond learning through repetition. Instead, we view curriculum as a process and intend to use multiple teaching resources. In addition to using textbooks specific to one’s level, instructors will use supplemental material (i.e. youtube clips, pdf files, etc) to emphasis quality over quantity. Books used will include Al-qaida Al-nooraniah and Al-muneer Ahkam Al-tajweed.

Why are there 4 levels?

The primary goal of the Quran Institute is to increase the ability to read Quran across all members of our community. Each level has been created to accommodate the needs of our community accordingly.

Why are you starting with the first 2 levels only?

Based on an assessment of the needs of our community, we have discovered the need for focusing on basic Quran reading and writing to increase the number of proficient readers within our community. As the group of proficient reader’s increases inshallah, we will begin to offer level 3 and level 4 services.

How will you know if my child has mastered the content?

Students will have a weekly assessment form that will be emailed to parents by the end of each week. Each class, students will be assessed by the instructor and graded on memorization, writing, reading and behavior to ensure that parents are observing progress or the lack thereof. This process will help the parent and instructor observe the child’s progress on a weekly basis.

How will my child be placed?

In the first session, each student will complete a placement test to assess their level. Thereafter, each student will be placed accordingly.

Will there be homework?

No. We believe that the only way to progress in any learning venture is to love the material through an in class practice only.

Are parent/guardian orientations mandatory?

Yes. We expect that all parents/guardians are involved in the education process of their child. We believe that a partnership between the Institute and Home is essential to the progress of each student. Parent/Guardian orientations will have valuable information to help engage and understand what you can do to help your child get the most out of the Quran Institute.

What if I can’t afford to pay the tuition fees?

We provide financial aid to those who qualify. Please request a financial aid application to apply for assistance.

What is the purpose of having each student memorize?

The purpose and goal behind memorization is to instill Quran in one’s heart. It is geared to help each student develop an interest in memorizing which in turn will inspire them to continue memorizing throughout their lives. As the prophet pbuh reminds us, “The one who was devoted to the the Qur’an will be told on the Day of Resurrection: ‘Recite and ascend (in ranks) as you used to recite when you were in the world. Your rank will be at the last Ayah you recite.”‘

How can I help?

If you or anyone you know can afford to sponsor tuition fees for families in need, please speak to our team. We have a running list of materials needed for the Institute. In addition, we will notify you when we are in need of volunteers for trips and special events.

How can I contact you if I have questions/concerns?

Please feel free to contact us at

What are the tuition and fees?

There is a $100 semester fee for each child. Fee’s cover supplies, snacks, and project materials. Parents/Guardians will be notified in advance if other fees are required.